Hot Russain Brides

Hot Russain Brides

What are Mail-Order Bride Sites and are They Worth Using?


Mail order bride sites are a great way to start communicating with attractive young women and perhaps even find your wife. Once you register on the site, you will be able to get some help from your personal manager. He will explain how the site works and will help you select your potential target. You can then start chatting with the girl you chose and see how it goes. If the girl doesn’t seem to know English very well, you can always hire a translator to make your communication a lot more understandable and enjoyable. All of these services are obviously not for free, but it’s definitely worth the price.

Best Things About Russian Women


There is a lot to say about gorgeous Russian brides, so let’s get straight to the point:

  • Their natural beauty is something beyond this world. It’s like they were meant to be the most beautiful creatures on Earth. They are also very feminine, which certainly attracts a lot of men. Can’t blame them though, because if you see a Russian bride live, you will want to marry her right away;

  • They really look after themselves. Despite having a fantastic beauty that was gifted by nature, Russian brides don’t just rely on it. They spend a lot of time on making sure they look 100% neat. Russian girls get up early in the morning to put on makeup and get stuff done with their hair. Their style is something to talk about. They always try to dress stylishly and sexy to make sure that the man looking at her stands no chances. Another thing is their fine body. Russian brides spend a lot of time in the gym training, because they want to be healthy and look fit;

  • Loyalty is very important for Russian women. They feel like it’s the important thing in the world and never cheat on their husbands. Thus, you can trust them any secret and don’t have to worry about her stabbing a knife in your back. However, you have to be just as loyal to your woman, so you could have successful loving relationships;

  • Family is everything to Russian brides. All of them strive to get married as quickly as possible, but obviously don’t forget to look for the right man. They don’t want to marry some random guy who will have problems with alcohol and beat her up all of the time. Unfortunately, this is pretty common for Russian men, and that’s why they look for foreigners. Anyways, the reason why Russian brides want to get married at early age is because they understand how short the life is and that you have to enjoy every moment possible. They feel like family is what’s going to make them feel happy, and they are also very excited about having kids. This what differs them from Western women, who care about their job in the first place. Foreigners really appreciate this in Russian brides and fully support them;

  • We talked about how much they want to make their own family, but it’s also impossible not to mention about how much they love their own family and relatives. They are always there to help out their parents, share some money, buy a few things for the house, and so on. It speaks a lot about their character and how kind-hearted they are. You should also try to establish good relationships with her parents, because it’s very important to her. She wants all of the family to be friends;

  • Russian brides can really cook. They don’t just cook food, but they do a great job doing it. All of it is very delicious, which is another advantage of choosing a Russian bride;

  • You will clearly be the head of the family. Yes, you’ve heard it. Russia and feminism aren’t synonyms, so you will have all of the freedom and your opinion will count as the most important, as long as it’s a good one;

  • No quarrels. I’m pretty sure that none of the men like when their woman starts crying and complaining without a reason, instead of sitting down and having a talk about what’s wrong. Well, Russian brides are totally different. Their calmness is truly unique, but make sure you don’t cross the board, because nobody has eternal patience;

  • They are very wise and you will feel it. She is always able to find some words of support that will make you feel better, but she is also able to keep silence when it’s necessary. And what can be better than getting useful advice from your lovely wife?;

  • Another thing to talk about is their intelligence. Russian brides don’t stop studying and self-developing after their marriage. They keep working just as hard and always have goals to accomplish. They also have hobbies, like a certain sport, some music instrument that they enjoy, or art. All of this helps them in expanding their knowledge and become better every day;

  • Russian girls can overcome any difficulties. Since Russia is a hard country to live in, they have to work too much. However, they never complain about their life, because they understand that it won’t help them. They just grit their teeth and move on. If you are also having a hard time, like you lost your current job and sitting without money, then you don’t have to be afraid that she will live you unlike many girls. She will help you overcome that period together;

  • They are really friendly and sociable. The second you will meet a Russian bride, you will notice how positive she is and that she is an interesting companion. Her English may not be perfect, but it doesn’t stop her from expressing herself. You can count on a lot of interesting stories and jokes that you never heard about;

  • Sex is something that they enjoy. This is crucial for any man, because they want to be sure that the girl will regularly have sex with them and won’t disappoint in bed. However, there is nothing to worry about with Russian brides. They are pretty experienced and know a lot of stuff to turn you on. They also love experimenting.


All in all, Russian brides are almost ideal. They seem to be great wives and will do anything to pleasure you. Obviously, everything described here cannot relate to 100% of Russian women, because there are also girls who want to you use for your money and passport. However, most of them are just like described here.

How We Review Mail-Order Bride Websites


Mail-order bride websites are very popular nowadays, but it doesn’t mean that you can be less careful. There is a lot of fraud going on the web, so always double check before registering and paying your money.

Because of the amount of scammers, I’ve decided to name all of the factors that we look at when reviewing a mail order brides website. This should help you to choose the right website for yourself.

  1. Make sure that the women you are chatting with are actually real. There are a lot of trolls on the Internet that make fake profiles and pretend to be girls. To avoid this, make sure that the girls have “verified” badges on their profile. Another good idea would be to do a video call and see everything for yourself;

  2. Pay attention to the security of the website. If you feel like it has poor security, then it isn’t worth using. You don’t want all of your personal information to be stolen by hackers. You can also read some guides on the internet on how to see if the website is safely protected;

  3. Compare the prices. None of the mail-order bride websites are free, but some may be a lot more expensive than the others. If you feel like that’s the case, you can always check the prices on other sites and figure for yourself a realistic price;

  4. Read the reviews. There are a lot of people just like you, who are afraid of buying a subscription, because it can be a scam. However, it’s very easy to check. Just google the name of the website and see what others have to say about it. If the website is at least somewhat popular, you will find a lot of reviews on the forums and videos that will detaily tell you about the work of the website;

  5. Study all of the features. Some of the mail-order bride websites clearly lack features. For example, some of them only have the option to send text messages without video chatting. That really limits you and it doesn’t sound trustworthy. A good website should have the ability to send gifts and rate profiles and some other little things;

  6. Look at the design. Sometimes you can determine if the website is worth using simply by looking at its design. If you see that the design of the website is clearly outdated and not user-friendly, then you should search for a better service. Websites with a bad design typically have serious bugs and other problems;

  7. See if the site has anything written about payment safety. If the website has nothing written about the security of payments, then you should leave it immediately. You can’t trust someone that can’t protect your money;

  8. Check what the website has to offer. There are some services that make unrealistic promises to you. For example, some of them may say that you will 100% find your love, and even though the chances are pretty high, it obviously isn’t true. Beware of such liars.

Places to Look for a Russian Bride

  • Marriage agencies/ Marriage agencies, such as Happy Family, are serious projects, and more specifically, organizations that purposefully help people from different countries to get to know each other and start a family. Marriage agencies have real offices with a staff of translators, psychologists, lawyers, photographers. The services of a marriage agency are resorted to by men who are really interested in finding a wife from another country. The work of the site is organized in such a way that a man has the right to communicate with the girl he likes only after paying a certain amount. This way the girl will understand how serious man is about his feelings and it leaves you a better chance to find your love.  The goals of the brides agency's employees in this case coincide as much as possible with the goal of the girl who came here for help in finding a foreigner husband: both the agency and the girl need to present the girl most reliably and profitably, to help her in communicating with the mam. The more successful marriages on the account of the agency, the higher its reputation. As well as more happy stories from their customers;

  • Dating sites. This is kind of an obvious and probably the most popular way. It doesn’t take too much effort, because you can find the right girl for yourself without leaving your house, plus we know that people on dating sites are looking for relationships, so you won’t have to waste time on additional searches. It’s also a great way of getting a Russian bride without even leaving the country. There are 2 types of dating sites: free and paid. There are typically a lot of people on free dating websites, and some of them are there just for trolling, while it’s very hard to get a girl because of the high competition. On the other hand, paid dating sites are a much better choice. You get to waste money, but you can also be sure that you can find a beautiful Russian bride that wants to meet up with you. However, keep in mind that there are a lot of scammers, so only focus on trustworthy dating sites;

  • Local dating sites. In this case, the man needs to decide on the preferences of the girl. You can also sort the girls by age, country, marital status and other selection criteria, since there are girls of all types and varieties;

  • Russian girls love social networks, including Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter, as well as other social network. Therefore, if you do not have the ability and desire to work with Russian dating sites, then you should try out social networks. However, this method requires a lot of time to filter women, because it doesn’t mean that all of the women sitting there are looking for relationships. It is long, tedious, but sometimes quite effective.

  • Party dating. If you are already in Russian, then you can try out party dating. It’s basically a place where everyone gathers to party and look for relationships. You will meet a lot of beautiful Russian brides there. This type of dating is especially popular in Moscow;

  • Dating tours to Ukraine. If you don’t feel like moving to Ukraine, but you have enough time to visit it, then you can go on a dating tour. They last for a couple days, and while you are there you can try your luck and meet your soul mate. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends and study Russian culture;

  • If you are a self-confident and easy-to-communicate person, then, most likely, you will easily get to know a Russian woman on the street, in a cafe or in a park. Russian wives are friendly and responsive. However, you should also know that the majority of Russian  women do not know English or speak it rather weakly, so be prepared for difficulties in communication. Besides, if you are lucky enough to find an attractive, lonely girl who speaks English, you still need some time to get to know her better.


How Much Would it Cost to get a Russian Bride?


We can only tell you an approximate price, because there is no such thing a sure price with brides. All of it depends from a lot of different factors, such as:

  • How much time it will take you to find your Russian bride;

  • Whether or not you will travel to Russia, and if yes, then the amount of times you go there;

  • If you want to make her any additional gifts;

  • Depending on the mail-order bride site you are using and it’s pricing.

Are Russian Brides Legal?


Despite a number of fake websites, Russian brides are totally legal. You can always look for one yourself on a trustworthy mail-order bride website.

Interesting Facts About Mail-Order Brides

  • All they want from you is love. They hate being lonely;

  • Mail-order websites are one of the most popular ways to build your relationships. According to statistics, about 15% of the Americans use it to find their love;

  • Divorces are very uncommon, especially comparing to other ways of finding women.