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Mail Order Brides
» Mailing It In: Mail Order Brides and the Future of Dating
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Mail Order Brides |

Your encounter with Russian women via online dating is likely to have been a positive one, even if it has not yet resulted in marriage. You?ll certainly have learned a few refreshing truths about mail order brides; the majority of the women aren?t crazy, exploited, unstable, poor, or desperately unhappy, as the stereotype suggests. They?re just looking for a life partner ? and so are you.

» Mail Order Brides: Are These Women Real?
By Russian Brides | Published 11/11/2005 | Mail Order Brides |

"Mail Order Brides" and, by extension, "Russian Brides", are negative terms. They are extremely loaded by the stereotype of poverty-stricken women who exploit men's sexual and emotional needs to obtain money or a green card to the United States . Numerous scams have been exposed that enforce the negativity; there were men who posted photographs of models and then asked their mail order clients for money. Other times, it has come to light that the women whose profiles appeared on mail-order sites were being sold off by their relatives. Sometimes, women genuinely posted to find a husband but were then manipulated by American men for sex.