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Russian girls vs. American girls

By Russian Brides | Published  11/26/2005 | Russian Dating |
Why Russian dating is easy and straightforward...

The Russian People: friendly and helpful

When you travel to Russia you?ll probably notice that people are friendly and relaxed. Russians don?t tend to hold you up to serious scrutiny and they usually accept you as a friend before you have a chance to think about it. Most of the people you meet will have some knowledge of English as it?s a compulsory subject in many schools and universities. They will be happy to show you directions and provide you assistance and advice, so practice the key word, ?Gdeh?? where, in case you get lost.

Russian Girls: gorgeous and well-mannered

When it comes to Russian girls versus their American counterparts there isn?t much competition when you judge by generalities. Russian girls, who look like models, don?t differentiate between the cool and uncool. They don?t have the same pretensions as attractive American women in that they will not give the evil eye to someone who wants to get acquainted with them. They are well-mannered, open and very friendly with foreigners.

You?ll probably find it?s a lot easier dating Russian women than their American counterparts. It?s not that they have fewer or lower expectations (that?s not fair to either of you!) but they don?t impose their expectations on you. Their expectations are not automatically focused upon you and your behavior. Russian women are happier to wait for prince charming in you to emerge.

Wedding Bells and Russian Girls

When it comes to marriage, Russian women aren?t hung up about it. On the contrary, most Russian women treasure the idea of sharing their life with someone special and raising children, even if this is not in line with their career objectives. Family comes first. Being openly serious about marriage when you are dating a Russian woman is a good idea. Be open about this, it will be to your advantage.

The chances are that when you meet the Russian woman you?ve corresponded with, everything will work out perfectly for you both, and marriage will be on the cards. Above all remember that a Russian bride waits for you somewhere out there. She could be the girl you ask for directions.