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» Behind Every Great Man, There Has To Be A Great Russian Woman
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Women |

[A Russian proverb and, more famously,] A line from an Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin song, beloved by modern women and fans of "The First Wives" Club? (one to rent for your wife in years to come!). But let?s take a look at some of the great Russian and Ukrainian women standing, not behind, but besides, foreign men, giving their all!

» Crossed Wires? Your first phone call to a Russian woman. A daunting prospect?
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Women |

At some point your virtual relationship has to venture into the real world. The easiest and most appropriate route is a phone call. Not only does a phone call to your Russian bride make the relationship more tangible ? you can hear her voice, for one thing ? arranging a phone call is a pretty sure way of warding off potential scammers, as they rarely answer phone calls or, for that matter, give out phone numbers.

» Who are these Russian women that seek marriage?
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Women |

You?ve been curious about the four W?s for some time: that?s who, what, where, and why, all referring to Russian Brides. You can see that most of the Single Russian Women on are beautiful. Many of them are young, in their twenties and thirties, and looking for marriage, and oftentimes husbands that are several years older. Naturally, you?re still wondering about who these women are?

» Russian women and American men: a perfect match?
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Women |

Women who apply for marriage on Loversplanet are generally educated, professional, financially stable. They are not, as the stereotyping might suggest, poverty-stricken, miserable women, desperate to escape terrible and dark situations.

They are looking for Prince Charming, but he doesn?t have to fight off any dragons!

» Why do Russian women search for a foreign husband?
By Russian Brides | Published 11/12/2005 | Russian Women |

Most people question the motives of women looking for marriage-minded men abroad. ?Are these women for real?? They ask. Or are they after money and an immigration status. Men wonder that so many beautiful, young women, with careers and educations, are still looking to start a family early on. It?s certainly a natural question: why are Russian women looking for a foreign husband? Surely, if they really have conservative values and want families, there are plenty of Russian men available who share, not only these values, but the cultural heritage as well. The reality is quite different...