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» Russian Dating Agencies and Brides
By Russian Brides | Published 10/11/2006 | Russian Dating |

How do Russian dating agencies work? There are three major types of agencies:

  1. Multi-region Russian dating services that market their service directly to Russian women
  2. Traditional, old-fashioned marriage agencies that usually operate in small local segment
  3. Russian dating networks that do little direct marketing, instead they integrate the work of local, traditional dating agencies and use their profiles as their own
» Dating in Russia... Why It?s A Refreshing Change
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Dating |

Traveling to Russia is a wonderful experience. There are a number of factors that can make it really worthwhile for a single, marriage-minded man who is interested in finding a Russian bride. You don?t necessarily need to have a particular lady to visit in Russia , as it is quite easy to meet women to date, although, of course, there are a number of reasons why it is advantageous to have started your relationship with a Russian lady online. Nonetheless, here?s some good news about dating Russian women.

» Russian girls vs. American girls
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Dating |

Meeting girls in Russia to date... what you should know in advance of meeting your Russian bride.

» Avoid Scam: Do Not Send Cash to Your Russian Bride!
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Dating |

Both men and women have been involved in scams to convince American men to send money to their impoverished ?Russian Brides?. The reality is that Russia is no longer a poor country. The average quality of life is extremely high, so scammers tended to focus on men who were not so really aware of this. It?s time to wise up.

» Russian Scam versus American Sex Tourism
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Russian Dating |

Every man and woman considering marriage via an online dating service is aware of the negative press associated with the process. Over the years, as Russian Brides exploded onto the international stage, a large number of fake agencies were discovered. Of course, these cases received extremely negative press coverage.

Women were also manipulated and scammed on many occasions. This too has received a lot of attention. Sex tourism thrives in Eastern European and Asian countries particularly. Unfortunately, men, typically American, use marriage agencies to become acquainted with any number of women in a particular country. They convince these women that their purpose is marriage, and travel out to meet them; the women never hear from the men again.