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Russian Dating Agencies and Brides

By Anna Larina | Published  10/11/2006 | Russian Dating | Unrated
Russian Dating Agencies and Brides

Information about Russian dating specifics and the way Russian dating agencies work

By Anna Larina

How do Russian dating agencies work? There are three major types of agencies:

  1. Multi-region Russian dating services that market their service directly to Russian women
  2. Traditional, old-fashioned marriage agencies that usually operate in small local segment
  3. Russian dating networks that do little direct marketing, instead they integrate the work of local, traditional dating agencies and use their profiles as their own

Multi-region Russian Dating Services

The best Russian dating agencies (also called Russian dating services) are multi-region companies that market their services to specific segment of Russian women directly. They usually attract intelligent, educated single Russian women, who are employed, can use internet and at least have their personal email address. If you deal with an agency of this type you have an advantage of avoiding the middle man. You also are likely to meet young and beautiful Russian singles and personals who are actively looking for a relationship. These dating services charge a fixed fee for a specific period of time during which you can contact all members of the dating service directly.

Traditional, old-fashioned marriage agencies

These are small local companies, which usually operate in one small regional city. They market to a local segment of women who often cannot use internet at home and know very little English. They have to visit the office of an agency to fill out a long questionnaire and provide answers and personal statements that are then translated by the agency. Your often don’t get to communicate with the lady directly, instead, you would communicated with the agency and the agency will translate your correspondence and forward letters. For each of these services they would charge you a fee. Not a very efficient way to price the services, but these agencies often try to justify this with the fact that men are looking for a life partner and hence should be prepared to pay “what it takes”. One of the greatest disadvantages of such agencies is that most young and trendy Russian women would avoid going to a marriage agency, as you probably would avoid going to a local marriage service. The women that usually use their services are those who have already been married, many have children.

Russian dating networks

These companies generally use the services which are being produced by traditional marriage agencies, but they are adding value by marketing these services better to men. They can also pool together databases of a number of different marriage agencies to be able to state they have the largest database of women in the industry. It is not true. It is no more than a set of different databases. The problem with this approach is in management of these various companies. The quality of the service provided by Russian dating networks cannot be better than the service they buy from the local marriage agencies. If there is a problem on a local level (a one-off case of scam or an agency-scam) they get hit by bad reputation. And their control is limited as they have to deal with a large number of agencies all over Russia .

The bottom line: use multi-region Russian dating agencies that market their services directly to Russian girls. They are in control of what is going on in their own company and are not subjected to risks associated with any affiliated companies or partners. Use a fixed monthly subscription service as per contact payments are like to drain out your Russian dating budget. It is true, you can justify this by the fact that you are looking for a serious relationship, but in my opinion you can better spend the money on your trip to meet your future Russian bride.