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Russian Brides Invade America

By Russian Brides | Published  11/15/2005 | Russian Brides |
Loversplanet study of Russian Brides phenomenon

Loversplanet have conducted multiple interviews with a number of Russian women and American men who are either seeking or have already found fianc?es. Our objective was to learn about the experience of both Russian brides and their admirers and to learn about their respective perceptions of each other.

Russian brides are generally perceived to be feminine, tender and family oriented. Many American men travel to
Russia to find a bride because of their dissatisfaction with, arguably, too independent, materialistic and self-focused American women. American men often see Russian brides as more sincere, open and traditional towards such important values as family and children. American women, on the other hand, are cited to be too focused on their career and aspiration for even more independence.

Marrying a Russian woman is not easy
With numerous positive characteristics of Russian brides perceived by a number of men, most of them admit that meeting and marrying a Russian bride is not an easy task. Cultural differences and language barriers have been noted among the key factors that make the communication difficult. Years in to a successful marriage some of the couple we know still watch two different sets of television programs - Russian for the bride, American for the groom.

Motivations for marriage
It is often argued that Russian brides are motivated by the search for financial stability and lack of economic opportunities in their country of living. This stipulates Russian women efforts to emigrate through marriage to a number of countries, including US,
Canada , Germany , Italy , Spain and the United Kingdom . It is difficult if not impossible to determine the sincerity of Russian bride's intensions. Both men and women get involved in continued efforts to determine whether emotional motives dominate over the material / economic motivations for marriage.

Bottom line
At Loversplanet we are determined to break the stereotype that all Russian women are after money and/or Green Card. There are thousands of successful marriages between Russian brides and foreign men , who set up families and raise well-educated children. And given historically high divorce rates in
Europe and the United States , if you do find a relationship with a Russian bride and make it work, it is likely to be long-term.

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