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Dating Hot Russian and Sexy Ukraine Brides

By Russian Brides | Published  10/10/2006 | Russian Brides |
Dating Russian Brides

Learn about hot Russian brides
and what to expect from Russian dating

By Anna Larina

Hot Russian brides are girls from Eastern Europe ( Ukraine , Russia , etc) that seek men abroad for marriage and family. Foreign men who show interest in a Russian woman may do so for two main reasons:

  • Photo browsing - they see a Russian bride as an interesting buzz keyword and a free online Russian brides photo gallery is certainly something worth browsing during the office hours.
  • Most of beautiful russian brides have strong family values and a serious attitude to a committed long-term relationship.

It is true, Russian brides are generally beautiful and most of them do look for a family. A lot of men cast doubt that beautiful women like this would be sincerely interested in an average Western-European or American man. They look for other motives and often create a set of stereotypes or misperceptions which often prevent them from building a strong relationship with a hot Russian bride. Below we try to analyze some of these general misperceptions and make an objective argument in each case.

  1. Free russian brides are looking for a way to escape poverty in their own country and make a marriage with an American man to get a green card
  2. Russian women look too good to be true and therefore they probably are
  3. A relationship with a really sexy Russian bride is a myth because of the distance and cultural factors
  4. Most Russian Dating agencies are a scam (especially those that let your browse mail order brides for free) and even if they are not, the women listed with them are all scam-artists

Russian Brides are looking for a way to escape poverty in their own country and marry an American man to get a green card

When men look at hot Russian brides’ photos they naturally ask themselves “why”? Why do these pretty ladies use Internet to seek men miles away from their own country? A lot of men cannot put themselves into a Russian Dating mindset. They’re very skeptical and they use their perceptions of Russia and the information they get from the media to create a skeptical image of online Russian brides dating services.

Russia is still seen by a lot of people as a post-communist, poverty driven country with high level of crime and lots of bear-looking men drinking bottles of vodka straight on a day-to-day basis. Women, they assume, are trying to find a better living and are looking for a Western man to get a green card and security no matter what it takes. True? Absolutely not! Russia is certainly a unique country. A lot of the above statements did hold true 5-10 years ago, but not anymore. Russia is becoming one of the major exporters of oil and gas in the world. Its economic recovery is well under way with more jobs being created and constantly growing standard of living. Most free Russian brides that you meet online at a reputable online Russian dating service are intelligent, educated, employed and working in various professions: from lawyers and bankers, to female business owners. A lot of mail order brides in Russia are very happy about their country and culture and they are not looking for any escape.

It is true, however, that most Russian men do like their vodka. While they may not drink as much as any other culture, a lot of men in Russia are low motivated to work and provide security for their families. A lot of these men are happy with whatever they have and striving to work hard for family and children may not necessarily be their main priority. Ten years ago it was justified by low economic growth and weak labor market and even though this situation has been reversed, the tendency for a “government is to blame for our bad life” still remains. Russian brides are seeking men from other countries to create a strong family and to find someone who can give them, above all, security and support.

Russian women look too good to be true and therefore they probably are

Most Russian girls look hot and pretty. They are naturally very attractive and slim. Brides in Russia , Ukraine , Belarus and other Eastern European countries have a natural advantage in extremely attractive and appealing appearance. But it is important to understand that this is how things are in Russia : sexy Russian brides look good as most women do in Eastern Europe . They are normal people, they behave in the same way other women do, they just look better. You can easily understand what I mean by taking a weekend off and flying to Moscow or Kiev – see for yourself.

A relationship with a hot Russian bride is a myth because of the distance and cultural factors

This is possible, but not necessarily true. The distance of course is a factor. Dating a sexy Russian bride sounds a little bit strange. Dating? Miles away? Forget it! But it’s possible. Russian Dating is not just about marriage. If you want to meet a beautiful Russian bride to see if a relationship grows into something serious, as opposed to jumping straight into marriage – that’s possible. One day you will have to go to Russia and today it’s as easy as buying a $500 ticket and you’ll be in Russia in 10-14 hours to meet your Russian bride. Take a few city tours, visit several high quality restaurants and clubs, experience Russian night life – it’s one of the best in Europe ! See if it works, the distance stopped being a factor right after they invented aircrafts.

What about cultural differences? I can say that Russian culture is very different. It’s a different history, political background, different language and a weird Greek-like alphabet. It’s totally different – everything! But then, that’s what a relationship is about – to have your differences with a partner and explore them gradually over time. Learn a new language, a new culture, new ways of thinking and doing things. Just think about it: would you be interested in meeting a person exactly the same as you?

Most Russian brides dating agencies and clubs are a scam and even if they are not, the brides listed with them are all scam-artists

If you are new to Russian Dating scene you should be aware that the industry is associated with a lot of scam. You will inevitably find free mail order brides who are not sincerely interested in a relationship and will eventually scam you for money. You can avoid Russian bride scams and wasting your time on someone who is not serious or who is trying to commit fraud by following a step of very simple common sense rules:

  1. Never send money to a Russian bride especially if she has a model looking. You may be asked for money for flight tickets or visa arrangements, a doctor or internet fees – do not send funds to any Russian woman you meet online. If you make a decision to meet in person – travel to Russia . Make all travel arrangements yourself through a reputable travel agency.
  2. Make sure you use a well-established dating site. See if you can easily find them in Google. Do they have a phone number? Do you know where they are?
  3. Pay close attention to the letters you receive from Russian mail order brides. If they seem to be addressed to someone else – they probably are. Sometimes these ladies send out letters in bulk. They do not pay attention to any specifics you tell them beforehand. Some of them do not even put your name in their reply.
  4. Meet Russian Brides in agencies and dating clubs which are specialized in the Russian dating segment. Major local dating services are certainly not good enough for Russian dating. They normally have no anti-scam checks in place and no policies to verify female members. They have too many members to afford background checks or phone verifications.

To conclude, you can and you should meet pretty Russian brides online. Dating or marriage is your choice, both are equally possible and rewarding. Dating Russian brides has one major advantage over local dating: it is likely to lead to marriage pretty soon. A relationship with a Russian bride is also likely to last for a long time.