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» Honeymooners: Where and How to Have the Time Of Your Life!
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Dating Advice |

Whether you prefer a beach or a bustling city, there are plenty of places you can go for a wonderful and unforgettably romantic experience as newlyweds... Find out more here.

The whole notion of honeymooning is changing, according to various researchers. Everyone knows the original notion: the honeymoon was a newly-wed couple?s chance to get to know each other and have a private, romantic time together before heading back to the reality of day-to-day work and responsibilities. Nowadays, with the demographics of married couples changing, the whole concept of the honeymoon is changing as well.

» There?s Nothing Like A Shot-Gun Wedding to Get Your Blood Riling...
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Dating Advice |

A shot-gun wedding in Las Vegas has its appeal ? it?s fast, it?s fun and it?s unforgettable! You can plan the occasion, signing up for a wedding package that can cover everything from the dress, tux, reception, flowers, and Elvis! You can even have a trip over Vegas in a helicopter. You can be entirely spontaneous and walk into a chapel.

» Romeo meet Juliet... A Match Made In Heaven
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Dating Advice |

You trawled through the mountains of messages and found a couple of women you liked; you liked their pictures and their profiles. You wrote to them, and they responded. The correspondence continued for some time, but you decided that you liked one of the women particularly and wanted to see if you could start a romance. How to tell whether you?ve met your perfect match?

Perhaps you traveled to Russia and met this woman; you met her family and friends, and became part of her life in a real way. Still, you both want to take things slowly, getting to know each other properly. So, back in your country, you continue to write and talk on the phone. Do you have sufficient information to make a decision whether you have met your perfect match?

» Long-distance relationship: Lover?s Guide on how to handle your affairs
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Dating Advice |

Long-distance relationships are no picnic. Anyone will tell you this, and you may already have experience. They are difficult to maintain under the best of circumstances, but anyone interested in a Russian bride must maintain an online distant relationship, anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

» The Steps to Meeting Russian Women Online
By Russian Brides | Published 11/26/2005 | Dating Advice |

So, you?ve decided to go ahead and check out marriage-minded Russian women. After all, you?d say you?re marriage-minded too! The good news is that you will be able to build a happy relationship with a Russian woman if you maintain the right attitude and approach; if you are serious about establishing a stable and happy family life for yourself, you are already making a good choice.

Wondering how to make the first move? It?s never been so easy! Find out why?

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