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There?s Nothing Like A Shot-Gun Wedding to Get Your Blood Riling...

By Russian Brides | Published  11/26/2005 | Dating Advice |
Here?s How To Do It: the Dress, the Tux, the Works!

Getting A Marriage License In Las Vegas

The shot-gun part ? well, you can get a marriage license in Las Vegas in as little as an hour. This is very fast compared to the rest of the US , if you consider that it takes at least twenty-four hours at the New York City hall , for example. All you and your Russian bride need to do is show that you are free, and thus eligible, to marry; that you are both over the age of consent. You will have to show government issued ID, like a passport or driver?s license. The address to go to is Clark County Marriage Bureau , 200 S. 3rd Street , 1st floor, Las Vegas , NV 89101

Las Vegas Hotels

Hotels are easy to come by, of course. Prices range from as little as $40 per night. In fact, a really luxurious hotel in Las Vegas may cost you as little as $100 a night (nothing like the New York prices, for example). One of the best sites to go to if you plan to reserve a Las Vegas hotel room for you and your bride is . You can also compare rates and hotel amenities on and . There you can search though availability for the dates you intend to stay; for each hotel you can also get a run-down of what they offer, such as a pool, gym, sauna, high-speed internet access, room service, shops, and video arcades. The price of food is also a plus. Not only can you find all-you-can-eat buffet deals, which only set you back about $15 each, you?ll often find that expensive seafood dishes and deserts are included in the package. You might get very lucky and find sushi is on the menu at some of these restaurants.

Las Vegas Wedding Packages

You?ll see that you can get wedding packages for as little as $50 dollars, which includes the use of the facility, traditional music, a traditional ceremony, a wedding coordinator, and three posed digital pictures; to the whole deal for $3499, The Grand package, with bridesmaids, complimentary makeovers, food, a photo album, and a grand reception for as many as 40 guests. Check out sites like and for more info.

Spur of the Moment?Has Its Charm?

When your Russian Bride arrives in the US , she has 90 days to marry you, the US citizen who petitioned for her K-1 fianc?e visa. Believe it or not, 90 days really isn?t that long! On top of that, you may not want to have a formal wedding with your family. For the couple that wants to have a truly unforgettable time, whilst being relatively modest about the budget, Las Vegas is the perfect romantic destination!