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Why do so many American men turn to Russia for love?

By Anna Larina | Published  11/14/2005 | Dating Advice | Unrated
Trouble on the Home Front ? Why some American men and women are just not compatible...

A surprising number of American men do want families, however. And the women they meet tend to be unsuitable for this commitment because they are focused upon their careers. As Russian women complain about Russian men, American men are not unknown to complain about American women; often the complaints are that they are hypercritical and demanding. The underlying problem is clearly incompatibility; typical American men and women have different values and goals. Not only does this explain why American men might turn to Russia for love, it also explains why the divorce rate in the US is around 50%; 1 in 2 Am erican marriages end in divorce.

A Ray of Hope: The Search for Happiness... Abroad

American men, frustrated in love, often look abroad for a partner. Are American men and Russian women compatible? In many cases yes; Russian women embody many of the qualities that marriage-minded American men seek in their partner, with so little success, in their home country. Women advertising on Loversplanet, for example, are typically looking for a life-long, monogamous relationship with an honest, caring, and supporting husband, who will be a good father to their children.

Russian women typically value family before their careers. They are generally domicile, kind-hearted, and affectionate. They are also, as is generally true of European women, more patient and forgiving; less demanding than American women. They have usually been raised from an early age to want marriage and they generally believe in making the commitment for life.