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An Introduction to Online Dating...

By Anna Larina | Published  11/26/2005 | Online Dating | Unrated
Will online dating work for you?

Whilst some sites, like eHarmony , claim to have a scientific method for matching people, allegedly resulting in more successful and longer lasting marriages, the simple fact is that online dating , in its variety of forms, has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those looking for a potential mate. It provides an almost instantaneous connection to people all around the world.

The Positive Reality of Online Dating

The internet has very literally changed the way we live by removing the physical and geographical boundaries. With the internet there are no boundaries in a sense, and cultural differences seem far less important than they used to seem, as we are all becoming citizens of the world; international in many ways.

Naturally, the general approach to dating and marriage has also changed dramatically. It is changing for every one, not just those who have regular access to the internet; gradually, beginning many decades ago, as the very fabrics of society began to change and shift, and social conventions were being removed.

Men and women have found it difficult to meet for some time. College and work were the two main forums for dating and the pursuit of marriage. In reality they impose quite a limitation on men and women, not to mention an inordinate amount of pressure.

Now that the internet has come along, on the one hand, singles have an incredible opportunity. The odds are now very much in the singleton?s favor as they have potential contact with millions of people around the world. Narrowed down by language, values, goals, morals, interests, and, to an extent, cultural identity, a person is still left with a pool of several thousand potential partners to consider.

Before we?ve even mentioned the process of dating, the method, online compared to off-line, it?s clear that online dating has an advantage over off-line dating. Not only is the pool of potential partners considerably larger, the conditions are also more controlled. The process of online dating, at least as a method of initiating a relationship, is also better than the traditional off-line process of meeting by chance, then going out for a drink or to the movies.

Online enforces a screening process. Dating web sites require a person to enter personal information. They?re age, location, and e-mail at the very least; right the way to their interests and goals, and the qualities that they are looking for in a potential partner. Not only to you have an impression of the person?s character and values in advance of communicating with or meeting them, if you are, for example, interested in a person who lives outside of your area; you have the additional advantage of being forced to communicate. You can?t just sit in front of a movie screen and make out. You could just sit there in front of your screen and ask, ?Are these women for real?? Or, you can face up to the bullet?and talk ? about yourself and about them. In other words, the internet has reversed the process of dating, the order, to what it was before the sexual revolution, perhaps. Isn?t it true that marriages used to last?

Welcome to the Golden Age of Online Dating!