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Russian Brides Defined

By Russian Brides | Published  11/26/2005 | Russian Brides |
Russian Brides: Who, What, Where, Why?

If you have already delved into the world of on-line dating, you?ve probably at least heard about ?Russian Brides?. Reading this article, you?re a step further along: curious about who and what Russian Brides are; where they?re from and where you find them. Why they do what they do and why they might be interested in you!

Russian Brides ? a loaded term

Your first thought, ?Who ? or what ? are these women??

The stereotypes associated with the terms ?Russian Brides? or ?Mail-Order Brides? are extremely negative. These terms also project negativity for a lot of men who might otherwise accept the possibility of finding a spouse through a matchmaking service.

Believe it or not, the majority of women we referred to as ?Russian Brides? are genuine, real, warm-blooded human beings. They live and work in the real world. They have established values and morals. They want to find someone to share the rest of their lives with?just like you do.

Most Russian women who post ads on matchmaking or dating web sites are not interested in Western (American, British, French, German, etc) for money or immigration status. There are about 10 million more women in Russia than there are men. That?s only 88 men between 100 women, so it?s a fact that a portion of Russian women have to look outside of their country to find a husband, or else they?re destined to remain single!

The Lure of American Men

And what?s wrong with American men, anyway? Get over the low self-esteem, gentlemen; and realize what you may be worth to a woman who appreciates your kindness, intelligence, and warmth.

Ask a Russian woman why they?re looking for a husband outside of Russia and these are the general responses. Some feel that their children would be better off growing up outside of Russia . Whilst the living conditions there are generally very high, and continuing to rise, the shadow of the Soviet era has only very recently dissipated. A thirty year old Russian woman, for example, remembers living under a communist dictatorship. Although the country is now considered a very pleasant place to live, it?s only natural that some are ambivalent or disillusioned with it. Other women cite that there aren?t enough men in Russia , which as we have already discussed, is very true! Still more women say that Russian men are terrible; the typical Russian men don?t share values or personal traits in common with the women. Some just don?t click.

Hopes for the future

Wrestling with negative stereotypes is no easy task. The negative side to Russian brides cannot, of course, be completely ignored. There are always going to be men and women in the world who have agendas to manipulate and exploit. American men are right to be concerned about green card scams, for example; Russian women are equally advised to worry about sex tourism.

These concerns have a place at the outset. The next step is to make contact with a woman and, over time, as you communicate with one another, decide whether both of your desires are genuine and compatible. Continue from there.