Ukrainian Brides

Ukrainian Brides

Main features of Ukrainian mail order brides

Apparently, you have already heard people talking about pretty women from Ukraine. Women might even be the first thing you think of when you see/hear the country’s name. However, does your perception of Ukrainian girls correspond to reality? Let’s find out the main features of an average Ukrainian lady.

  • her beauty is really astonishing. Ukrainian brides look perfect even without makeup or expensive custom clothes, they are like natural wonders. Perhaps, it has something to do with genetics because there are no other countries in the world where the majority of females are so attractive;
  • she has a good level of English. Of course, Ukraine brides are not native speakers but be sure that she can express her thoughts and feelings in English, especially if she was born after the Ukrainian independence day. A mail order bride from Ukraine might have some difficulties with speaking English at first - in this case, give her more time: apparently, she had no experience of speaking with foreigners before and she feels herself a little bit uncomfortable. When she’ll get used to you, her English will become better;
  • she dreams of an international family. For the majority of beautiful Ukrainian brides travelling abroad is very expensive. Moreover, until 2017 Ukrainians had to apply for a visa to travel across Europe. Nowadays, the situation is changing, foreign countries become more accessible for Ukrainians and for this reason they attract them even more. Ukrainian brides want to discover different cultures, new realia etc. For them, international marriage is a dream;
  • she is pretty smart. Ukrainian women have a good education and a high IQ score. They are bilingual (Ukrainian and Russian) and know the basics of some other languages (English, French etc). The educational system of Ukraine was inherited from the Soviet Union and is focused on giving young people general information on numerous subjects. Therefore, Ukrainian brides are very educated.

Money cannot buy a Ukrainian bride

In current materialistic world money can do everything...or, almost everything. Ukraine brides agencies do provide profiles of single Ukrainian ladies and have price lists for their services. Yet, it does not mean that you can buy a bride - Ukrainian girls have dignity and are not looking for your money. You pay for messages/video calls, you will have travel expenses but to win over a Ukrainian lady, you should impress her and make her trust you.

What does the justice say about mail order brides sites?

The internet gives us the freedom we have never dreamed of. However, this freedom is not always used for good purposes. Some internet users or entire web pages are specialized in producing fake news and outright lies. Mail order brides industry suffers from this shameful phenomenon. You can find fake information of any kind: mail order brides services are illegal in the United States or Ukraine, dating agencies fool their users, hot Ukrainian brides on photos do not exist in reality etc. Of course, some swindlers in the industry lie to their clients but they are rare. Big and respectful Ukraine mail order brides companies have a great experience and a perfect reputation - just read the reviews and comments posted by former users who found their Ukraine wives and now live a happy life.

Ukrainian women dating is totally legal. How can the government forbid dating a foreign person? Dating companies do not offer hot Ukrainian brides for sale, they sell the opportunity for both men and women to meet each other and consequently form a family. It’s up to you to arrange your personal life - dating agencies only provide you with tools to help you to succeed. So, if you would like to order a pretty Ukrainian lady and get it delivered to your house - it is called human trafficking and it is illegitimate. If you need some help in finding a perfect match for you - then an online dating agency is a perfect option!

Why Ukrainian women want to marry a foreigner?

You might be surprised but Ukrainian brides do prefer foreigners to local men. Why? Let’s try to figure it out.

  • they simply think that foreign men are better. In their opinion, foreigners are more caring and supportive. Ukrainian men are very often reserved and avoid showing signs of affection in public. To the contrary, foreigners are more open-minded, expressive, relaxed;
  • internal problems of the country as a whole. Ukraine suffers from a high rate of inflation, low wages, corruption etc. It is difficult for men to provide a sufficient amount of money for the family. In addition, alcohol consumption among men is a big problem in the country. For these reasons, Ukraine singles are looking for foreign men who are more responsible;
  • the United States is a country every Ukrainian bride dreams of. A few Ukrainians can go to the US and see the country by themselves. However, watching Hollywood blockbusters in a cinema is not that expensive. Ukrainian brides adore the United States and the Americans even if they probably have never met them in real life;
  • Ukraine women for marriage are looking for joy and happiness. In Ukraine, a smile is a sign of a certain thoughtlessness. Therefore, Ukrainian men are very serious and reserved. Curiously, it is not at all what Ukrainian brides want: they are looking for easiness, enjoyment, they just want to have a good time and do not take the reality so serious. For this reason, foreigners are more attractive to them.

Some tips on how to get a Ukrainian bride

If you want to date a girl from Ukraine, here are some tips to help you out.

  1. create an account on a dating agency website. Online dating is a perfect solution for men who live far away from Ukraine. Thanks to state-of-the-art digital technologies you will be able to exchange messages and make video calls to pretty Ukrainian ladies;
  2. take initiative but do not rush in. Ukrainian brides expect men to do the first step. So, it is up to you to take action and move your relationship forward. Attention: it does not mean that you should rush in - your girlfriend will show you when she’s ready to move to the next level;
  3. go out with several women. You are not supposed to stick to only one person, it is always better when you have a choice. Look through profiles on a dating agency website and write to a few girls you liked the most. Even when you travel to Ukraine in order to meet your future bride, take a full profit from this wonderful occasion and set up dates with several ladies;
  4. do not be greedy. Always pay the bill if you ask a Ukrainian girl out - even if she insists on paying separately, do not accept and just pay the bill. In Ukraine, it is some kind of a dating tradition. Also, do not forget to buy flowers or small gifts - it might seem very conservative but Ukrainian brides will appreciate it;
  5. be romantic and caring. Ukrainian women are looking for someone who would take care of them, who would distract them from a daily routine. Take her to restaurants with a romantic atmosphere, go for a walk to the best places in a city, use your imagination to impress her. A Ukrainian girl will value more your attention than your money

Pros and Cons of having a Ukrainian wife

In this paragraph, we would like to list the most important advantages and disadvantages of marrying a Ukrainian woman. Let’s start from the pros.

  1. she does not ask for much. A Ukrainian woman is not that kind of a person who requires all the best: expensive cars, holidays on luxurious resorts, huge mansions etc. Life in Ukraine has taught them to be satisfied with what they have. In general, Ukrainian girls are very humble;
  2. she is hard working. She is used to working and does not expect her husband to be the sole provider for the family. The same thing with housework: she would appreciate her husband’s help (and you should help her) but she will never complain about it;
  3. she is family-oriented. The family takes an important place in the life of an ordinary Ukrainian. When it comes to women, from a tender age they dream of having children. Ukrainian brides become wonderful mothers: kind, caring, responsible;
  4. she is stylish and has good manners. Every Ukrainian girl knows how to take care of herself. She can look impeccable with a limited budget and knows how to please others. All your friends will be jealous when they will see you and your good-looking and well-mannered Ukrainian bride;
  5. she thinks that you earn a lot of money. It doesn’t matter what your salary really is - it is a lot of money compared to salaries in Ukraine. So, you do not need to be a banker or lawyer to merit her respect.

The disadvantages are very few. We would say that you might have some cultural barriers while dating/living with a Ukrainian lady. Also, she definitely needs some time to get used to the American lifestyle.

Top facts about online dating in Ukraine

First of all, it is necessary to mention that there is a great number of foreigners (a lot of them are Americans) who have already married a Ukrainian mail order bride. According to the statistics, the majority of marriages turned out to be successful. The reasons are few: people who use such services know exactly what they are looking for, dating agencies use modern algorithms to match users, international couples are generally more solid etc.

Secondly, we would like to draw your attention to a fact that a Ukrainian mail order bride will cost you significantly less than the one from Japan, South Korea etc. You’ll save a lot of money during your stay in Ukraine: the cost of living in the country is very low. Just visit a local McDonald’s and you will see how Ukraine is cheap compared to the US.

Finally, we would like to mention the language skills of Ukrainian brides. Basically, all Ukrainians are bilingual: they speak Ukrainian and Russian. In addition, they are known for their capability to learn foreign languages. At first, she might have some problems with speaking English but be sure - eventually, she will express herself at a decent level.